Economics of Publishing Brands 

Digitization of Media – including Sports – redefines the creative process, associating it to Publishing Brands. This category of « editors », which means « releasing outside », suffers the confusion between exchange of information and publication, engendered by the development of the internet, which has to be adapted to the digital era.

Adapted industrial policies and regulations can be created only if publishing specificities, as well as profits and responsibilities in the editing sector, are clearly perceived by all stakeholders.

Publishing brands have two complementary semantic functions: they signal and they connote. The signalling function is well-known by economists. This is not the case for the connoting function. The latter provides a framework to the diffusion of meaning: publishing brands bundle and set the context for expressions of all kinds. Without this framework, neither significance nor utility of those expressions would be the same. Publishing brands are tools allowing for structuring and distributing meaning.

Research Questions :

Pricing of Media : economic performances and developments in bundling mechanisms, characterization of meaningful clusters (dividing and reassembling contents, multi-form subscriptions, etc..)

Evolution of financing instruments in the Media industry: the case of Broadcasting

Signalling economics: marketing, creation and retention of publishing brands, cross-externalities, co-branding, internalization of marketing investment and disintermediation through direct communication via the internet.

Dominant market position and free-riding from Google..

Knowledge economics: economic impacts and industrial organization of digitized law (public diffusion vs specialized publishers)

Latest Works

"Efficient Price Discrimination for Digital Medias: The Case of Publishing Brands", Mattia de Grassi. Working paper which focuses on pricing strategies through digitization and the appearance of innovative supports (Tablet PC and Smartphones).

Documents from the cycle of Research Seminars of 2011, Presses de l'Ecole des Mines, to be published in 2012.

"Cinéma, une technique, un art immatériel, un protocole éditorial menacé" Olivier Bomsel, Debate "Digital revolution, is Cinema losin its memory?", Cinémathèque Française,

"De l'économie des médias à l'économie des marques", Olivier Bomsel, Documentaliste Sciences de l'Information, September 2011

"Copyright and brands in the digital age",·Bomsel Olivier,Contemporary Economic Policy, Wiley, December  2011

Economics of Publishing Brands - MINES ParisTech


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