Innovation policies and management of innovation

Management of innovation

We would like to contribute to fill the gap between the needs of companies wanting to improve the efficiency of their innovation system and academic research where most teams pursue a deep understanding of very focused issues. We organize (together with colleagues of Ecole polytechnique and universities of Paris) many workshops where professionals and scholars meet to discuss real practices. We focus on organizing ‘open innovation’ relying on building networks in order to combine and integrate the best technologies or to realize the potential of a technology, on a better understanding the behavior, expectations and latent needs of users, on the design of new business models.


La Fabrique de l'industrie

Founded in october 2011 by several French employers associations (UIMM, GFI, Cercle de l'industrie), chaired by Louis Gallois, former CEO of SNCF and EADS, La Fabrique de l'industrie is a think tank aimed at fostering debates and controversies on French industrial future.


French cluster policy, governance of clusters

Since 2004, France has implemented a policy supporting the emergence of technological clusters fostering collaboration between large and small companies as well as universities or national laboratories located in the same area. We have set up an ‘Observatoire des pôles de compétitivité’ with the support of the ‘Association des régions de France’ (gathering the governors of the 26 French counties), organizing workshops and seminars of people in charge of running the clusters on issues of common interest. We are focusing on the governance of clusters and collective learning in clusters. Together with our colleagues of the center for management (CGS), the universities of Paris-Dauphine and Paris-Orsay, we worked on a characterization and typology of the French clusters, in order to prepare for the 2012 assessement of the cluster policy.


Assessment of the French Research of Innovation System

We are involved in the steering committee of ‘FutuRIS’ (Future of research, innovation and society), a foresight platform hosted by the national association of research and technology (ANRT), gathering many actors from industry, academia and government to assess and benchmark the French research and innovation system.


Recent work

Le management de l’innovation en réseau : Une technologie au service des entreprises et des territoires, Thierry Weil, mémoire d'habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université de Paris-Dauphine, 12 avril 2012

Recent students dissertation

Le stockage de l'électricité. Enjeux énergétiques, enjeux industriels : quels choix pour la France ? Julien Assoun, Rémi Ferrier, François Peaudecerf, mémoire de fin d'études du corps des mines, octobre 2012.

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